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Thursday, November 5, 2009 – 7:44 pm
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I have been a Boostzone Institute member since 18 months when I was proposed to become part of the Fellows.

The Boostzone Institute is a research community, aiming at corporate issues, and recently revamped its organization to focus more on applied research – mostly dedicated to understand the human factor rather than only the technology. Its motto is “Strategic Impact Through Connected People”. I accepted to contribute, as it is consistent with my practice and Early Strategies’ objectives, and participating in such a community is constructive; I think we need to pay a different attention to the change underway – too often, the spot light is on the technology or the business model (or both), to the detriment of the effect on people, groups or organizations.

My first post on the Boostzone Institute blog is titled “Presence, the next life changer”. It aims at depicting the impact and evolution of Instant Messaging, one of the most quiet and unobtrusive tool of the Web 2.0, yet one influential, to my view. Those who want to play in Enterprise 2.0 all have a tool – Microsoft has Messenger, IBM has Sametime, they both launched the bridging platform EIM, Google has GTalk, Cisco acquired Jabber, etc…

Now the important idea is that this tiny gadget on a corner of our screen has changed work relationship in making distance between people (in space or in organizational structure) irrelevant, and in allowing interaction in the easiest way ever imagined. Easier than phone, email, or even a talk at the coffee machine for some addicts.

Read the post here.

Cécile Demailly

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