Toward Enterprise 2.0 – Corporate Change Trends Survey – Now OPEN

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 – 8:01 pm
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« Toward Enterprise 2.0 – Corporate Change Trends Survey » is now open, and will close on 20th January 2010. This survey is designed to better understand this type of corporate change, its main objectives and steps, change restraints noticed and how they are addressed, as well as best practices and lessons learnt. Survey report will be shared free with respondents.

How to participate:
Send us a request here with:

  • your name and business email (policy in order to insure legitimacy of respondents, and quality of the survey results; answers will be anonymous in the report; your contact information will not be used for anything else)
  • your job role
  • organization name
  • organization website (URL)
You will receive a link to the survey within a business day. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to answer.


  • you may belong to any type of organization (multinational company, NGO or government agency), from any country, with over 5000 employees
  • primary audience: people involved in Enterprise 2.0 deployment (CTO, IT, HR, Com/Marketing, ambassadors)
  • secondary audience: well-informed users of Enterprise 2.0 applications and projects
  • any stage of Enterprise 2.0 implementation is welcome, from study/piloting to maturity
  • participation through professional email id (policy to ensure legitimacy of respondents, and quality of the survey results)
  • the survey is designed for user-organizations, not for Enterprise 2.0 solution providers, technology providers, nor for consultants

How to get the report:
The standard report will automatically be sent to the survey respondents, for free, in February 2010.
Non-respondent may order the report – write use here
Additional customized organization maturity assessment report will be available for a fee (only for an organization’s legal representative; for more information write us here)

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