Toward Enterprise 2.0 – Corporate Change Trends Survey – Second call

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 – 8:06 pm
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Dear all, this is the SECOND CALL for the survey.

The survey is dedicated to participants from organizations with over 5000 employees, involved or closely interested in the transformation toward Enterprise 2.0. Their organization can be at any stage of the transformation. The survey FOCUSES on CHANGE management (this is not a technical survey).

SO FAR we have 29 RESPONDENTS, all from Fortune 500 companies, from high tech, manufacturing, consulting, governments; 21% work in IT, 14% HR, and the rest is spread across different areas; 20% are execs/board members, 47% managers, 33% professionals. Already some interesting findings on best practices and change restraints to address – for example, a trend that seems to show up is that employees are positive about the organization’s benefits, neutral about their personal benefits, and seeking more information on how to personally participate to the Enterprise 2.0 transformation. The research conclusions will definitely help change champions fine-tune their organizational transformation programs.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Send an email to E20survey/at/earlystrategies/dot/com with:
• your name and business email (policy to screen respondents, and ensure quality of the results; answers will be anonymous in the report)
• job role
• organization name and website (URL)
You will receive a link to the survey within a business day. It takes 15 minutes to answer.

A third and last call will be send on January 12th, and the survey will close on January 20th.

Looking forward to your participation !

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