(How)Are you(social) networking ?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008 – 2:03 pm
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Despite the fact that since 2006 most has been said on how to get in social networking, there’s still a huge bunch of people I meet who aren’t really comfortable with what they really need to do there, not to say, do they really need to be there…

LinkedIn has 23 million members (5 in Europe), Xing has 6, Viadeo has 5; Facebook – still fun oriented but smoothly moving to business focus – has 110 millions though most of them are still teenagers. With 6,7 billion people living on our planet, 60% of them being active, nearly 3 billion urbans, 1,4 billion accessing the Internet, we’re still in a very early phase of the social networking adoption.

If you haven’t done before, it’s time to really think about, since corporations are making the move themselves, introducing social networking and blogs inside the walls – so it’s not any more to keep track of friends or find the next dream job, it’s not any more to sharpen the latest career tool, it will soon be about doing your daily work.
What stage have you reach?

    Presence: build you profile with the basics: a short bio, current job, a few contacts – those that have invited you

    Visibility: updated profile with some past jobs (for the titles, use words that everyone understands rather than internal titles or even what’s written on your business card), rework your bio to make sure it expresses your moves and aims, add a picture (a nice one or none … digital cameras everywhere, some sunny days or nice lobbies, so no excuse), start building your contact lists and references

    Exposure: continue building your contact lists, and involve in discussions, groups, Q&A: ask, answer, recommend; share your readings though tagging, micro-blog (that’s a function available everywhere this year, you don’t need any more to sink in twitter

    Engagement: and that’s where you really need ensure it does not become a business but rather remains a mean to reach your goal, it’s when you publish, take initiative of starting groups and animate them with sharing value.

That’s the 4 active stages, in addition to the nil one. Which one is your target? Depends of how much motivation and incentive you have, from your own and from your business.

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